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Why would you want to choose to Do-it-Yourself?

There are many reasons why Brides and Grooms decide to design and make their own Wedding Stationery. Equally, the first is usually cost and wanting it to be personal. In my mind both equally good reasons. But how many actually feel fully confident to go ahead. If you are arty or crafty but don’t do much in that line it may be quite a daunting prospect; it doesn’t have to be!

DIY Wedding Workshop

Busy! Busy! Busy!DIY Workshop underway

My initial advice would be to try it out on copy paper, before going full-steam ahead. Secondly do not buy on impulse. And, thirdly, book a free, no-obligation Consultation. I can talk you through your design, offer advice and fully explain how the DIY workshop works, and more importantly, how it works for you.

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DIY Butterfly Wedding Invitation

TOPIKKI’s DIY workshop has been developed to provide you with professional tips on how to achieve exactly what you want, with ongoing help and advice through out the production. It will also provide you with raw materials at much less than retail prices and loan certain tools to assist you achieve the professional look you would want.