Bespoke Seating Plan.

Do you ever balk at working outside your comfort zone, but then find you actually enjoyed what you did? Well a month or so ago that was me with this bespoke seating plan. I had already produced the invitations; the menus and place cards, followed in the same vein.

Laser-cut Wallet Invitations

Steve and Paula – Wedding Invitation Laser-cut Wallet

I was consulting with the couples Venue Stylist, who told me what she was planning. It sounded great but was a little different to the style of the stationery already produced, although I could see it co-ordinating well. The challenge was to draw the two ‘styles’ together through the Seating Plan. I had a mental image of what I wanted it to look like from the beginning, but could I translate it to a bespoke Seating Plan that the Bride and Groom would want.

I made up a very rough version and showed it to the couple. The Groom couldn’t see my vision, but thankfully the Bride could, and I was told to ‘do what you think…’ Blank canvasses can be a daunting prospect!

Work-in-progress; Seating Plan

Seating Plan Sample

The style and technique was something I had wanted to try out for a long time, but mentally I was thinking I would have preferred to trial something for my own peace of mind first – that didn’t and moreover could happen in the timescale, I was working on two other weddings at the same time! So in at the deep-end I plunged.

I die-cut roses, daisies, leaves and curlicues, I hand coloured all the flowers and leaves and made up the flowers. I laid it all out a million and one times until I was 100% sure it worked (and sent photos of the best to the Bride for approval.) I have to add at this point, I trialled about 20 ways of making accounts analysis paper opalescent!

It took me way out of my comfort zone to begin with, but the more I planned, experimented and sampled, the happier I became. As I began to build all the elements into a finished product that sigh of relief came ever closer and I realised I had actually relished in the challenge.

The Bride and Groom were so pleased with their bespoke seating plan that they have allowed me to share it well ahead of the usual 12-month exclusivity for Bespoke Wedding Stationery.

Bespoke Seating Plan

Seating Plan for Steve & Paula