Exciting new trends are on their way, which takes us from slightly stagnated designs from pre- and peri- Covid. The  Pandemic trends didn’t really move much, whilst there was a lack of weddings, but as we emerge from the various lockdowns and out of 2022, we have seen some movement. 2022 saw an eclectic mix of styles, with remnants of previous elements and just a nod towards something new, but with an uncertainty; but now we can see that there was asmall hope for something new!

Below are some of the styles which came before and through the pandemic; compare them to the new styles that are emerging  now(further down)

Wallet with English country Garden Hand-stamped feature

Heavier florals

Script Font and decorative background

Script Invitation Suite

Classic Wallet style with Metallic boarder

Mirror metallic mounts


Digital designs incorporating new trend of lne images

Flora and Foliage using line and Pastels

Some styles such as pocketfolds and wallets will remain, as much for their practicality as anything else, but what stands them apart from the past, is the use of the subtle changes we will see coming through. Gate-folds will begin to replace the envelope style and variations of different folded styles will make an appearance.

Monogram and centre Gatefold Invitation with Envelope liner

Monogram and Gatefold Invitation

On a social Media post recently, I wondered if we might see a move toward a more formal look, using a monogram or logo on the front of the invitation, after the funeral invitation to  HRH The Queen Elizabeth II; I wasn’t too far off the mark. We are seeing monograms, small logos or  images of the venue as the main feature on simple spine folded cards. Alternatively on single square/rectangular cards, they appear above the names of the couple or, unlike the traditaional format, as a feature in the centre (not shown).

In the same vein, we will lose some of the flourish script font styles and return to a simpler, classic, often Sans-serif, style in keeping with the formality. Any remaining Script fonts will take a bit of a back seat, and when used will be only as a design feature.

Line foliage with £D floral elements in the new stronger pastel shades

Line folioage with 3D Flowers

Flora and foliage remain but now with  more of an emphasis on line rather than the heavier mix of colour we have seen over the past few years. Less of the Boho feel and heading toward a clean, clear simplified look. All that said, it is far from bland and corporate.One feature, that has tried several times over the years, to make a comback,but without great success, is now making a making an entrance with a vengeance: Wax seals, knocking the traditional gold or red seals into a cocked hat, by a beautiful  array of new colours, to match the new trend of strong pastels. These may, now, be accented with a metallic lustre or sheen and no longer the shiny, bold metallics of recent styles.  Base colour trends will see a move toward  soft skin/nude tones, rose, fawn, neutrals, and often, also, seen as envelope liners.

Wedding Stationery trends for 2023 in a nutshell:

Simpler Fonts  

Base Strong Pastel colours with Neutrals

Wax Seals