Michael’s Again.

After Tuesday’s trip to Canada, I got off to a slightly disheartened start, a) because of the lack of public transport and b) because I hadn’t really bought as much as I had hoped (I had plenty of space in my suitcase and I had hope to fill much of it with crafting goodies and maybe some clothes!)

There were two more Michael’s stores further afield, but had been told it would be a $45 taxi ride to the nearer of the two; not worth it. So I took myself of for a wander downtown.

Map; City Centre; Detroit; Route map;

Downtown Detroit

After venturing a street or two further than the main hack, I stumbled upon a Tourist Information Office, who were amazingly up to date with all the bus services – yes all nine of them!!! – which run from The Transit Center (bus station).

Bus Station; Buses; Transit Center; Transit Centre;

Transit Center – Detroit

That was nine more than anyone else even knew existed, other than Tuesday’s doorman, who knew there were “a couple of buses you see around, but they don’t really go downtown and they’re pretty infrequent.”

Two of them were heading near to where I wanted to be, but they didn’t run in the middle of the day. I was just too late for the last morning bus, so I returned to the hotel and had lunch in the room. I made an early start for the first bus of the afternoon, to be sure I fount the ‘Transportation Depot’ in good time.

Another cheaper fare than a $45 cab at $1.75 for a ‘transfer’ (return) ticket, to the Shopping Mall

Shopping Centre; Mall; Fairlane;

Fairlane Shopping Mall

about 2-3 miles from Michaels. A short while later I was taking a $10 taxi ride to my second Michaels store. I was beginning to wonder if I should have made this journey; where was I going to find a taxi, there was no rank! Then one pulled up right beside me with a drop-off, so I checked the fare $10, and hopped in, taking a card for the number for the return journey.

Once there I discovered a cloned store, exactly the same as the Windsor one, the only difference being that te layout was in reverse!

Craft Store; Michaels; Another; Another Michael's

Another Michael’s Craft Store

There was no more for any of my project except some background paper for my C4C demo/workshop in Exeter in the Autumn.

I wasn’t there long and went to phone the number for the return taxi, but it as a free phone number and even though I entered the US std code it would connect from my mobile. I went back in to ask the assistant if that could make the call for me; duly obliging, but discovering the store phone not working the assistant eventually called from her own mobile! ” Sorry the company don’t cover this area.” Funny how they managed to deliver me there! So she tried another company who promptly arrived and I was a $13 taxi ride away from the Shopping Mall. And then the bus back to downtown Detroit. Eventually I was the only person left on the bus, and got chatting to the driver before getting off at my stop. Debora, one of the loveliest people I have met… but she could be another story.