DIY Stationery? Or NOT?

Looking through some of the wedding stationery suppliers’ websites,  showing photos of beautiful stationery to inspire DIY Bridal couples, I have noticed that they often give step-by-step ‘How to …’ guides. However, what they all fail to do is warn those less experienced, of the trials and tribulations of making your own wedding stationery.

DDIY Elements in production.

Production line

Yes, you may have been arty/crafty at school, but how much have you done since? Have you considered the extra costs involved for wastage? You may have 10 months to make your Wedding Stationery, but how many pieces do you need? Will you be making other items to match, such as Place cards, Menus, Table Names / Numbers, Seating Plan, Orders of Service, Favours? Do you have the equipment required to score, fold, measure and cut accurately? The right colour and quantity of embellishments? And the patience during a busy time?

DIY Wedding Workshop

Busy! Busy! Busy! DIY Wedding Workshop underway

My  top tip  is for to  you take a look at the items you need, in the craft retail outlet, don’t impulse buy at that point, but walk away and consider the costs. Double those costs because you’ll forget things like double-sided tape, glue, Insert paper, stamps, etc. Then work out a timescale to make one card. Again, double that because I can guarantee that you will under-estimate. (Even as a professional, I still sometimes under-estimate a length of time for a job!) Add in the stress factor; do you still want to DIY?

At Topikki we offer a hands on DIY workshops, suitable for Brides and their helpers, designed to assist you to achieve the best standard possible with our expert help.

See the DIY page – Workshop.

To begin you get:

A free, no-obligation consultation* to discuss and help you envision, or tweak (if necessary) your design to establish your own unique Wedding Stationery. 

Starting at £25** you get:

  • A workshop lasting up to 2 hours, showing you the basics of how to put your design together.
  • Professional Tips and Techniques
  • A ‘raw materials’ ordering and advice service.
  • Colour/Theme/Style-matching advice.
  • The option of going Bespoke without incurring the Design and Set-up*** fee, along the way if you decide it’s not for you.

Later on you can choose:

  • Further workshops, arranged at £15 per hour (no mileage charge under 20-mile round trip)
  • The option to hire certain tools & equipment at a nominal fee, some FOC
DIY Workshops

A place to work


*Within a 20-mile radius of Bristol City Centre; mileage only charged over this distance

**Conditions apply – Please see T&Cs – DIY Workshops

*** Please see T&Cs – Bespoke