Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Maybe I should really be topical in this Blog as we think about leaving August behind, but I’m not going to be. Topical, at  the moment, for me, is my Summer Holiday!

The pool without my family and me!

The pool WITHOUT my family and me!

No, not boring holiday snaps of my and my family by the pool – we’ve all be there and done  that… more my strange frame of mind.

I am a crafter through-and-through, and can’t remember a time when I wasn’t wielding a pencil, paint-brush, or needle of some  description, so it will come as no surprise to learn that I always take some kind of craft to do on holiday, and have done so since my children were small. At first, before all the ‘dangerous items’ were banned on planes, I used to take some kind of needle-craft that I could do on the flight, as well as in the evenings when we weren’t at a show or some other entertainment. I have enjoyed ‘creating’ whilst my husband and daughters played ‘Old Maid’ – for Smarties – which they still do now the girls are adults!

This holiday I took nothing but a book. I’m neither an avid, nor a quick reader and more than half andownload hour or so is my max-out point. Consequently, I found it ridiculously difficult to wind down totally.

It’s not that I NEED to do any crafting, but not having any there, is like taking away my comfort blanket! By the second half of the second week (and 2 Spa massages later!) I actually began to relax. I’m a sun-lover and used to live to sun-bathe and I eventually got back to that mental state of doing nothingbut soaking up the sun and have to say I think I have returned much more relaxed than in recent (working for myself) years, so the question is now, when I go to Marbella later in the year (for a week) do I take something with me to craft or not?