Turkish Delights

As the new wedding season approaches and the ecclectic styles are still prominent, I thought I’d share some of the beautiful Persian/Renaissance/Roccoco elements in a new up-coming collection, inspired by my summer holiday in Turkey last year. I’ve mainly incorporated pattern as this falls nicely into the renaissance category of the current influences, but some of the colours are stunning: Blue, red and aqua, highlighted and enhanced by gold and copper.

Elite-style Wrapped Invitation with Turkish patterned borders

Mock Wrap with Tukish pattern borders

Jewel colours and shapes in a traditional Turkish Lamp patern

A selection of traditional colours & patterns

Turkish Invitation

Can see this in metallic blue on Pearlescent.

 On the way back to the airport, after said holiday, we saw a beautiful courtyard being dressed for a wedding, so I thought I’d do some research into the differences/similarities a Turkish wedding celebration would be from a British one, and whether any of the stationey might be similar:


Western/modern Turkey follows a similar style to British and appears to have similar315040142_778c706554 traditions as the Greek Orthodox. Dresses are mainly white, although I have seen evidence of all shades of pink from Baby to Cerise

But the North and East seem to favour the traditional Muslim-style Turkish ‘cover-all’ style turkish-wedding-dresses-pertaining-to-turkish-wedding-dressesof high necks and long sleeves.

rBVaGVY3cJSAR6YRAALhMHKHHW8501 Traditionally, the dress seems to be red (see left), as in some asian weddings, but there are many photos showing white (see right) and again shades of pink.

Venues are styled very similarly to those for British Weddings, although there would seem to be an absolute abunance of flowers both as table decorations and around the room/outdoor seating area. The photos I’ve chosen are probably most like a British wedding as we kow it today. Take a look at how our styling has pinched some of the Turkish styling with the lanterns on the tables – beautiful!

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All photos taken from various sites on Google search and Pinterest.