USA Crafting

Following on from my last blog on inspiration, I have recently done a Consultation for a customer requesting a Steampunk theme. At first I thought it to be out of my comfort zone as it was a style I had seen from afar, but hadn’t really had much to do with.

Pinterest board; mood board

Mood board for Steampunk theme

Such is the power of making a mood board. I created a Pinterest Board and was so interested in what I found, that it is now my largest board. (I wouldn’t generally advise too big a mood board as it could get confusing but I did have some constraints to work within).

I am lucky enough to be taking a trip to the States, shortly, so I will be armed with my Pinterest board, and some photos of some embellishments/tools I have and I will be trawling one of the biggest Craft Superstores there. My creative juices are flowing and I can’t wait to be let loose!

Craft supplies are so much cheaper in the States.

Craft Shop

One of the Michael’s Craft store I plan to visit

When I’ve looked on line, you can put items in your cart and add postage and still only pay the same (in most case) as the UK,  before postage. It may all be changing now, with the instability of the GB Pound, but whilst things are a little bit stale-mate I’m hoping to be able to take advantage, of those lower prices.

Steampunk invitations; Wedding Invitations; Steampunk wedding Invitations;

Steampunk style invitation from

There are three that I will be aiming to visit (depending on transport) but at worst will head into one of them. I’m hoping to come back with a few pieces for the Steampunk theme which I will be working on a little time in the future, for the lovely couple mentioned above, with  whom I’ve worked before.

I’ll let you know how it went when I get back,  and what else I found, if anything! With photos of course – of both the items I buy and some of the places I visit