Walton Castle Wedding Fayre

Wedding at Walton Castle

Wedding Fayre at Walton Castle

I’ve just returned from another wonderful wedding fayre at Walton Castle. If you, the Brides and Grooms get the same feeling I get as an exhibitor, you won’t go far wrong.

So – what makes this such a  special wedding fayre? You might expect it to be disjointed, as all the exhibitors are in different turrets, or that you might feel daunted at the prospect of being one on one (can’t hide in the crowd if you don’t actually want to speak to all of the suppliers in that space). These things are actually positives: you can see what you want to see. You have the opportunity to speak to the suppliers you want without other people being in the way and be able to engage in good conversation; you’re less likely to be distracted by other stands in the distance, so you can collect all the info you want, and not foget what you were going to ask. The stand-holders are also colleagues (in most cases) so you will always find a warm atmosphere when you enter.

The biggest thing is, that the majority of the exhibitors all belong to the Portishead Wedding Network so there is a comeraderie amongst us. We help each other, and consequently that means we are able to help and advise you better. We are ALL passionate about what we do in our own field, but we are also passionate about each others businesses and endeavour to promote each other. You simply don’t get that at most other Wedding Fayres, so you find yourself repeating your wishes time and again and just dont have the co-ordination.

Let me give you a couple of examples. Some time back, I made the Tiara, theo-tiarabridesmaids hair decoration and the wedding stationery for a Couple and they wanted the same theme going through into the cake, so I workd with cake-maker to help it co-ordinate. Another time I was doing the wedding stationery for a couple and by chance conversation the Bride mentioned that she’d been having problems with the company supplying the bridesmaids dresses. I passed her to one of the Network’ Bridal Design companies who were able to help, remake and rectify the issue she was having.

So who did I say we are? We are the Portishead Wedding Network. We work together, to make your day just that – YOUR day. We work together to be able to give of our best to you our lovely Brides and Grooms. And, we work together to ensure your wishes become a reality. I wish you well with your searches for your wedding suppliers and I hope you find most, if not all, in the PWN; you would be hard pressed to find the same friendliness and co-operation as you will find in the Portishead Wedding Network. You are at the heart of everything we do!