What’s the Difference?

The first time many couples meet me is at a wedding fayre. Choosing everything for your big day is a daunting prospect. With so many choices, it difficult to see the wood for the trees, so I hope what I’m about to do will take away a little of the confusion that leads to stressful wedding planning.

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Designer and Bespoke Portfolios

So, just what is the difference between Designer Stationery and Bespoke Stationery?

‘Designer’ may be known by several different names by different companies – it is basically ‘off-the-peg’ portfolio designs – as they are.

The following is an explanation of the physical differences between the two. Here at TOPIKKI the  Designer range is a current collection of stationery designs. You may still customise it by changing the colour of ribbon, embellishment, card, paper or inserts (subject to availability).

Cheque book Invitation

Detail from Cheque-book style in Designer Portfolio

These may be ordered directly via the website, email, or in person, providing a swatch of the colour you might want to match. Swatches of the available matches will be sent to you for approval before producing your order.

Bespoke designs are developed as a result of a consultation, where you, the bridal couple, discuss with me the ideas you have, then together coming up with some tentative ideas. I then go away and sample those ideas, you choose what you want, we tweak any changes and there you have a unique design that reflects your personalities and style.

Cheque-book style

Bespoke Invitation and other Stationery for T&T

I hope this helps to show you the differences between the two and you can now answer the question – ‘What’s the Difference?’ Please contact me if you need and further information. Happy wedding planning