Worth the Visit

Michael’s is one of the largest independent Craft Stores in the USA. I wanted to visit at least one of the three relatively close to where I was staying in Detroit. But Detroit is the home of the car and as such everyone is encouraged to drive. Consequently there is next-to-no public transport. It is so hidden that even locals really don’t know of its existence! (I have discovered since that the people who work here, live nearer the lake and drive in!) There is a Shuttle bus through the tunnel under the Detroit River to Windsor, Ontario, Canada. There is a peripheral Sky train a called the People Mover which circumnavigates a 1-mile radius of downtown Detroit.

Public trandsport in Detroit: People Mover

People Mover – Detroit

Because of this lack of public transport I decided it was probably easier to cross the border to the nearest (in distance) Michael’s. The Hotel doorman recommended the shuttle and then a $20 taxi.

Tunnel; To Canada; Detroit to Windsor;

Tunnel to Canada

So off I went. The shuttle bus terminates at a small bus depot, so I decided to check out the buses to the retail park. $3 Yey! somewhat different to the $20 taxi recommended by the doorman!

Craft shop:

Michael’s Craft Store, Windsor, Ontario

Michael’s was much smaller than I expected and there was much less in the paper-crafting supplies than I was hoping for. It was still pretty amazing, but consequently I didn’t get as much as I had hoped for; however I did manage to pick up a couple of bits for my inspirational Steampunk project.

Cogs; steampunk project; Michaels; Windsor, Ontario;

Steampunk ‘bits’

So, definitely worth the visit!